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Whitney Boone

Whitney Boone began her journey with Tejas as a Data Entry specialist, but through her passion for knowledge and personal growth she quickly superseded that role and has become a pivotal part of the Tejas Team.

Whether it be in an Accounting role, an Expeditor role, or just general Customer Satisfaction Assurance role, when it comes to the Tejas Mechanical Department Whitney is your go-to person to ensure that your needs are met and that you get what you need in as timely and efficient manner as possible.

Being born in Germany, but raised in Texas, Whitney enjoys being active in the outdoors from fishing, to hunting, to simply enjoying the peace to be found out in the country. She also has a love for the Houston Astros that is only surpassed by the love that she has for her three children, Harper, Gunner, and Payton.

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