We Test, Inspect, Operate & Maintain


Since its formation in 2011, PDI has been committed to building and delivering Inspection, Testing and O&M solutions to a wide range of Industry Sectors. We remain adaptable and are committed to delivering the personal service and responsiveness of a small business throughout our growth cycle. The tendency to systemize everything in business just doesn’t work for the service industry, especially as a people provider, so we work hard to embrace technology without ever compromising the value of a conversation.

2021 - Present

Commitment to People & Expansion of Industries

We work hard to acquire the most talented personnel. Our management team is committed and remains incredibly involved in the daily business and believes that sustainability, responsive service, reputation, and a winning culture can be achieved by focusing on what matters most, client priorities and employee wellbeing. We believe that experiences, growth, and contribution make up the DNA of a healthy company and a purposeful career. The journey is not made to be sought alone, and our work family strives to be a positive influence in the life journey of our team.

PDI expands services for the Aerospace, VA Hospital, Infrastructure, Solar, and International Pipe Mill & Fabrication (Japan, UK, Italy) industries.


Business Acquisition

PDI expands its offerings of NDT Services through the acquisition of TEJAS Testing & Inspection.


New Industries Served

PDI Expands its operations to offer services to the Agribusiness industry, including Food-grade Process Plants.


New Services Offered & New Industries Served

Operations & Maintenance Services added to the portfolio of PDI's services for Bio-Fuel Plants, Deepwater Energy, and Agriculture businesses.

2011 – June

New Services Offered & New Industries Served

Inspection Services added to the company's portfolio of services for Onshore fabrication facilities, Midstream, and Terminals .

2011 – February

New Company

Lee Iver formed the company and provided E & I to offshore energy companies.