Environmental, Social and Governance

PDI holds our employees to high standards in our industry.  This helps us to maintain a great environment not only for our employees and team members but also in our commitments to our clients.  Industry standards we strive to uphold by measuring with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, used to evaluate a company's performance and impact in relation to sustainability and responsible business practices. ESG criteria cover a wide range of issues that can affect a company's long-term financial performance and reputation. The three pillars of ESG are; Environmental, referring to the company's impact on the environment, Social as it relates to a company's relationships and impacts on society and Governance, referring to the systems and structures through which a company is directed, controlled, and held accountable. Good governance practices promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior.

At PDI we observe this practice in our:


People, Passion, Purpose

People are our business, we put people first.

Our People
  • signifies the focus on our employees, their well-being, and their development.
Our Passion
  • reflects the dedication and enthusiasm that our team brings to their work.
Our Purpose
  • indicates a shared sense of meaning and direction, aligning our company's goals with the values and aspirations of its employees.


Development, Diversity, Determination

Develop good habits and good outcomes follow.

Our Development
  • refers to the growth and learning opportunities provided to our employees to enhance their skills and capabilities.
Our Diversity
  • emphasizes the importance to us that our workforce represents different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.
Our Determination
  • signifies our teams perseverance, resilience, and a strong drive to achieve goals.


Innovation, Integrity, Insight

Innovation means thinking critically and with the long view in mind, we strive to be innovators.

Our Innovation
  • emphasizes our ability to generate new ideas, products, or processes that can lead to positive change and competitiveness.
Our Integrity
  • underscores the importance that we perform with ethical conduct, honesty, and trustworthiness in all aspects of our business operations.
Our Insight
  • reflects the value of informed decision-making based on data, analysis, and a deep understanding of our organization's internal and external dynamics.

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