Hardness Testing

Hardness testing is an evaluation of a given material's resistance to deformation. It is commonly used to assess other qualities that are generally related to the hardness value (ductility, tensile strength, etc.).

Brinell Testing (HBW) - The OD of a tube or bar will have approximately 1/8" of material ground down to create a flat spot. A test device will hydraulicallly apply 3000 kgf to a 10 mm tungsten carbide ball bearing. The indentation left behind will be measured with a microscope to the nearest .01 mm and converted to a Brinell value. Max OD for mid-length tests is 9". We can test ends up to 11" OD.

Rockwell Testing (RB, RC) - Rockwell indentations are much smaller than Brinell and hardly noticeable. Our tester is semi-permanently installed in our lab, meaning that we can only accommodate smaller pieces that can be hand carried. Max OD at test area is 7.5".

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